Polymer Logistics to present at the London Produce Show 2016 its latest solutions toward cost-effective, hygienic shipping and fresh look merchandising for the produce supply chain

Exhibiting the Marketplace Display with crates and the CleanPal pallet

Image 1 (left): The Polymer Logistics wood-effect Marketplace Display designed to enhance the appearance of fresh produce.

Image 2 (right): The cost effective and hygienic CleanPal pallet from Polymer Logistics.


Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail-ready packaging (RRP) solutions, will exhibit its next generation products for the fresh produce supply chain at the London Produce Show 2016, held between the 8th and 10th June 2016 at Grosvenor House, Park Lane in London. Show’s attendees are encouraged to visit the company’s booths (booths 322 & 324) to discover more about the fresh and natural look of its Marketplace Display with crate range and its cost effective and hygienic CleanPal pallet.

Selected by Tesco Group’s ‘One Stop’ shops, the Marketplace Display is a wood-effect, modular crates’ display system that presents a “farm fresh” look for the in-store display of fresh produce. With the Marketplace Display and the Marketplace crate – Polymer Logistics’ wood-effect crates range for a distinctive “fresh from the field” appearance, in contrast to typical, industrial-looking crates – a perception of fresh and local produce can be created without compromising on the hygiene, cost and environmental benefits associated with reusable plastic containers.

The Marketplace Display is designed to support Marketplace crates and enhance the appearance of the critical produce section at retail. The modular display system is ideal for easy installation and relocation. With its “snap locks” design, no tools are needed for assembly and the option of interlocking clips means that adjacent columns can be locked in place for stability. The tilted plinth display allows easier access to the back row of the crates for both stockers and customers. Additionally, the unit is closed, preventing items falling into the stand, and reducing the need to dismantle it for cleaning. The Marketplace Display is compatible with both 600×400 mm and half-size 400×300 mm Marketplace crates, as well as various other containers and cardboard.

Also being exhibited by Polymer Logistics is its CleanPal pallet, which offers many advantages over wood pallets regarding improved hygiene, durability, safety, and overall cost savings. Produced from high-density polyethene (HDPE), it provides a sigh of relief to industry professionals looking to minimise the risk of harmful foodborne pathogens in their supply chain. The water-resistant CleanPal pallet offers a go-to option in terms of ease of cleaning, thus decreasing the risk of infestation, odour, dust, or mould growth.

The cost savings made possible by the CleanPal pallet result primarily from its superior durability. The CleanPal pallet can last up to 10 years in general applications, providing an extremely low cost-per-use over the pallet’s lifetime. Additionally, the nestable design of the pallet means that three times as many pallets can be accommodated on one lorry load, presenting the opportunity for reduced fuel costs and lower carbon footprint. Pallets are efficient on space when nested when being stored freeing up valuable space

The CleanPal pallet deck features moulded locations with recessed grooves to lock in place the crates being transported and prevent load shifting in transit. Designed to be compatible with Maxi-nest crates as well as with Polynest – Polymer Logistics’ line of ergonomic and stackable crates, the system provides increased load stability, an important feature for producers looking to eliminate damage to fresh produce during distribution.

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