RPCs help prevent wastage and boost sales. Here’s how.

Polymer Logistics RPCs are much more than boxes. They are engineered to deliver compelling benefits to retailers, including wastage reduction and increased sales. Let’s take a closer look.

RPCs help reduce wastage in two crucial ways. Firstly, the design of RPCs to facilitate ventilation enables the quicker cooling of products being packed, as well as more uniform cooling of perishables throughout their cold chain journey. Superior ventilation is positively related to longer shelf life. Recent research from Dr. Lippert Quality Management, a fresh food consultancy and a spin-off from the University of Bonn (Germany) found that fresh produce packed in RPCs enjoyed a shelf life from one to four days longer compared to products packed in single-use containers. Muskmelons lasted four days longer, on average, while mushrooms and tomatoes remained fresh for two extra days. Grapes enjoyed one additional day of shelf life. Longer shelf life translates into less loss and more sales. Also, extra shelf life can also mean products that last longer at home, resulting in happy customers who are more likely to return.

The second way that RPCs help to eliminate product loss is through providing better product protection. Thanks to the sturdy construction of RPCs, mechanical damage to the packaging and in turn to the products they hold, is reduced. A 2013 study by ‘Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg’ (Foundation for Reusable Systems) in Germany discovered that over 4% of single-use transport packaging is damaged in the supply chain, versus just 0.12% for reusable packaging. According to the study, the minimal amount of damage to RPCs resulted from human error in load securement or handling, as opposed to primarily being due to the packaging itself in the case of disposable packaging.

Additionally, researchers found that 40% of fruit and vegetables arriving in such containers to the central warehouse was partly unsaleable. In the infrequent occurrences when an RPC was compromised, however, produce was only partially damaged 22% of the time. At retail, about 20% of fresh produce arriving in damaged disposable packaging was negatively affected, while no damage was observed for RPCs.

Aside from helping to reduce wastage, attractive wood-look and Crystal Clear RPCs from Polymer Logistics have also been recognised by major retailers as an emerging approach to enhancing retail presentation and boosting sales. Wood-look crates and display fixtures create a “farm-fresh” ambience in the produce department, helping to establish a competitive advantage for retailers that deploy them. They have reported sales increases of 6 to 9% when wood-look RPCs are used, and in-store processes are aligned to support this approach.

Through better product protection and ventilation, RPCs have been proven to reduce wastage, while leading retailers have discovered that farm-fresh presentation made possible through wood-look RPCs and display fixtures can help drive increased sales. Just two more reasons to touch base with Polymer Logistics.

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