Carrefour deploys the Marketplace crate from Polymer Logistics in its two new store formats

Attractive “wood-look” container provides a glimpse into the future of retailing, selected for Carrefour’s new Market Attrazione 2.0 and Carrefour Express 3 Minuti stores

As competition in the grocery retail sector continues to intensify, grocery retailers are looking to create stores that exceed shopper expectations for freshness and convenience, value pricing, healthy eating choices and locally sourced products. For its part, Carrefour continues to position itself for the future with the launch of its two newest retail formats, Market Attrazione 2.0 and Express 3 Minuti. The leading international merchant tapped the Marketplace crate from Polymer Logistics for deployment in both new outlets.

The first Market Attrazione 2.0 location recently opened in Pomezia in the Lazio region of Italy. At a size of almost 27,000 square feet, it offers more than 16,000 SKUs and is open 24/7. The emphasis of Market Attrazione 2.0 is on low pricing, including fixed low prices, as well as convenience. It also has a strong focus on healthy eating and local products, including a dedicated 640 square foot Bio area that offers organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products. The store lists more than 1,000 locally sourced items, and the format also features perfume, seasonal non-food and textile departments.

Meanwhile, Carrefour has also launched its first Carrefour Express 3 Minuti in Genova. This 1,700-square foot store celebrates freshness and convenience in a small format setting, including a quick and easy customer experience. Shopping is made easy thanks to the organisation of products by area, including the featured fruit and vegetable section. Express 3 Minuti also offers tasty breakfasts, quick lunch options, as well as ready-made dinner selections. Other services include digital photo processing, free wi-fi, tickets, phone charging station, gift cards, ATM, bill payment and more.

Thanks to its attractive, wood-look exterior, the Marketplace crate evokes a farm-fresh ambience that has proven to help boost sales in all formats. The durable, standardised containers from Polymer Logistics also contribute to reducing both product loss as well as supply chain logistical costs, thus enabling retailers to compete successfully in both convenience and value pricing environments alike.

Gian Paolo Mezzanotte, Managing Director at Polymer Logistics, said: “We are delighted to support Carrefour’s development of innovative store formats with the Marketplace crate. Its acceptance at Market Attrazione 2.0 and Carrefour Express 3 Minuti stores demonstrates how the Marketplace crate can play a crucial role in helping retailers deliver on their vision for the future.”

Carbon, carbon, carbon – become a retail ready carbon foot print eco warrior

Let’s face it we hear the term carbon foot print all the time.  It’s almost one of those phrases that has become throw away.  It’s dropped into polite conversation and used on the news on regular occasions by many journalists who want to demonstrate their eco credentials and expertise.

We have changed our light bulbs for new environmentally friendly ones that in reality don’t illuminate the room enough and we switch our televisions off properly, and then complain about how long they take to start up!!

In the above we jest, but in todays society it’s important for individuals and organisations alike to be aware of the impact that their carbon footprint is having on our precious planet.  The effects that greenhouse gases are having on the world cannot be ignored and what’s more governments are taking action to ensure that emissions are reduced and controlled.

So let us ask you a question: As a professional involved in the field of retail ready packaging do you know the carbon footprint of your product choices?

You may ask yourself is it really important? However more and more retailers are publishing carbon footprint figures in annual reports. They are recognising the positive impact it can have on business when they are seen to take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

Here at Polymer Logistics we have recognised that customers do actually want to know the effect that RRP has on their business. However it can be difficult to calculate.  That’s why we have invested in the invention of a straightforward carbon calculator that will tell you exactly what you need to know.  What’s more we have a range of products and services that can help you take that vital step in reducing your carbon footprint.


Simply fill in your details and we will walk you through the process.  Before you know it you will become an eco warrior of the retail world.

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