The rising base shipper and the DIY industry


With the large number of heavy items that exist in DIY chains stores, a number of methods have been installed to try to mitigate the potential of customer injury such as muscular damage. One method is to employ large numbers of staff to assist in the moving and distribution of items that perhaps consist of large bags, heavy pots, paint tins, garden equipment etc on the store floor.
With a high percentage of the consumer in high street DIY chains is above 40 there is a great risk for the potential to causing injury or at the very least, lead to an uncomfortable shopping experience.

The spring loaded crates from Polymer logistics could provide a excellent method of providing a support for these customers in the way that it functions as a delivery system . As one item is removed from the crate, the next one replaces it due to the spring loaded mechanism built into the base of the crate. This method of delivery provides a potential to reduce the risk of back injury as it reduces the need to bend down to pick up the item. Instead the item is delivered to a level, which calls for minor movements to take the item and thus reduces strain.

Although shelving is a staple feature in many of our DIY stores, the need of assistance for many customers can cause an increase in the demands on staff time to assist. What’s more it could also essentially put customers of going to such a store, without someone to help.

With the ever growing demographic of older people taking up gardening and small DIY projects, the ever growing need for a robust system to mitigate against the risk of injury is greatly increased. however this small but important problem can in fact be reduced or even taken out of the equation by a number of minor changes at either end of the delivery cycle. as the product is exchanged to the customer for the first time, there is a apparent need there. When the product is being processed at
the check out there is a need for a product to assist there. When the product has left the store with the customer, a requirement is needed however the store is not obligated to do so. This could be seen as a opportunity to provide a level of service beyond the expectations of the consumer, and thus increase the loyalty to the brand in question. “They have done a favour for me, so I will do one for them by revisiting”. This is the quest of every chain that is actively pursuing customers in a competitive market.

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Need Pallets? Think Plastic

Plastic pallet design has witnessed tremendous leaps forward in recent years. Offering a wider choice than ever, the latest plastic pallets deliver a cleaner, safer and more robust alternative to conventional wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets offer advantages that include:

• 100% consistency of size and strength
• Around 10 times greater life than wooden pallets
• Far safer handling, without cuts or splinters
• A recyclable, environmentally friendly solution
• No issues of mould growth or dust contamination
• Can be deployed in hygienic areas
• Resistant to moisture, weak acids and alkalis
• Easy to clean
• A future investment

100% consistency of size and strength

While wooden pallets are susceptible to size and strength variation, plastic pallets ensure consistent dimensions and loading capacities because they are manufactured at high pressures in highly polished moulds.

Around 10 times greater life than wooden pallets

When deployed in closed loop distribution, under normal handling and loading conditions, it’s not unusual for plastic pallets to offer a life span in excess of a decade. That is 10 times beyond the life expectancy of an equivalent wooden pallet.
Far safer handling, without cuts or splinters
Because plastic pallets are free of nails and sharp, ragged edges, handling can take place without fear of cuts or splinters.

A recyclable, environmentally friendly solution

Wooden pallets provoke questions of sustainability and the threat to forestry. This has encouraged many users to exchange traditional wooden pallets for recyclable plastic alternatives that are themselves produced from recycled materials.

No issues of mould growth or dust contamination

Plastic pallet surfaces remain free of contaminants because there are no hidden pockets or areas where dirt and dust can accumulate. The ‘blue stain mould’ that appears commonly on new wooden pallets, especially in humid conditions, is ugly and unhygienic.

Can be deployed in hygienic areas

It is clearly unsuitable to expose hygienic areas and clean rooms to contamination from wooden pallets harbouring mould or dust. Our innovative Hygienic Pallets offer completely smooth, sealed surfaces, eliminating any potential for impurities to seek refuge in the structure of the pallet.

Resistant to moisture, weak acids and alkalis

No matter how harsh the operating conditions, plastic pallets will demonstrate zero moisture absorption. Typically, polyethylene and polypropylene pallets are both immune to weak acids and alkalis.

Easy to clean

It is possible to repeatedly steam clean or wash plastic pallets, thus eliminating any dust or spilt products that can build up on pallet surfaces over an extended timeframe.

A future investment

While plastic pallets initially cost more than their wooden counterparts, in closed loop service plastic pallets are perceived as assets. As a result, their cost should be depreciated over their working life. With this in mind, based on an average, medium use plastic pallet, the weekly cost can be as low as PSTG 0.05 (US Dollars 0.07).

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Convenience Summit 2016, 8th – 9th June


Image 1 (left): Polymer Logistics’ wood-effect Marketplace Display designed to enhance the appearance of fresh produce. Image 2 (right): The Crystal Clear freestanding display unit with pooled stackable trays from Polymer Logistics.

Polymer Logistics to present its range of cost-effective and fresh look merchandising solutions at Convenience Summit 2016

Exhibiting Marketplace Display with crates for uniform store appearance of fresh produce as well as Crystal Clear freestanding display units for chilled beverage

Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail-ready packaging (RRP) solutions, will exhibit its innovative and visually appealing solutions for the display of beverages, fresh produce and more at, held on the 8th and 9th June 2016 at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Rd, London NW1 2AR. Summit’s attendees will discover how Polymer Logistics’ Marketplace Display system, as well as its range of Crystal Clear crates, can stimulate customer engagement while also providing significant supply chain cost savings versus single use packaging alternatives.

Selected by Tesco Group’s ‘One Stop’ shops, the Marketplace Display is a modular crates’ display system that can be quickly assembled and is designed to create a uniform store appearance. Thanks to its wood-effect look, it is now emerging as the new standard for retailers seeking to create an upscale fresh market look for stores. This conversion is well underway in the United States as Wal-Mart has mandated a shift for all of its produce crates to follow the lead of the Polymer Logistics wood grain evocative Marketplace crate – the company’s crates line for a distinctive “fresh from the field” appearance, in contrast to typical, industrial-looking crates. With the Marketplace crate, a perception of fresh and local produce can be created without compromising on the hygiene, cost and environmental benefits associated with reusable plastic containers.

Marketplace Display is designed for easy installation and relocation. No tools are needed for assembly thanks to its “snap locks” design, and the option of interlocking clips mean that adjacent columns can be locked in place for stability. The tilted plinth display provides easier reach to the back row of the crates for both staff and customers. Additionally, the closed design prevents items from falling into the stand, reducing the need to dismantle it for cleaning. The Marketplace Display is compatible with both 600×400 mm and half-size 400×300 mm Marketplace crates, as well as various other containers and cardboard.

Another innovation from Polymer Logistics, its Crystal Clear freestanding display units (FSDUs), offers a number of advantages in comparison to cardboard FSDUs. Besides providing a clear view of the products being merchandised, Crystal Clear delivers superior load bearing capacity. This feature makes them a preferred solution for heavier products such as beverages, shampoos, and lotions. Also noteworthy, Crystal Clear crates generate cost savings throughout the supply chain with regard to ease of handling, storage and order selection with the standard sized containers. Meanwhile, their sturdy construction helps minimise product damage. At retail, the one-touch merchandising of stock received in Crystal Clear trays allows for seamless and efficient replenishment of displays, significantly reducing stocking time. Conservatively, Crystal Clear offers up to a 50% saving versus traditional cardboard.


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Polymer Logistics Delivers first wood grain RPC shipments into Walmart

RIVERSIDE, CA January 28, 2016: Three leading produce companies, Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., Pure Hothouse Foods, Inc. and Calavo Growers, Inc., shipped the first truckloads of product in new wood grain reusable plastic containers (RPCs) from Polymer Logistics to Walmart distribution centers this month. Classic Yam is also supporting the initiative by being the first sweet potato grower to ship in wood grain containers. The first product in the new RPCs is expected to arrive at Walmart stores this week.
“Polymer Logistics is the first packaging manufacturer to roll out the wood grain RPCs in the US, helping growers deliver on their fresh promise to Walmart and its shoppers by providing everything needed to transport fruits and vegetables from the field to the store in the best possible condition. With the arrival of the new RPCs at Walmart stores, we expect a significant sales lift as shoppers feel like they are at a country produce stand and buy more,” said Tony Mosco, North American Vice President of Sales at Polymer Logistics.

Robert Silveira, Owner & David Silveira, Son, Classic Yam, Inc

The wood grain RPC is a Polymer Logistics innovation that brings an upscale look to stores compared with traditional industrial-style containers. The ongoing deployment of these RPCs will provide a uniform merchandising look at the store level and has been a core focus for Polymer since the early Walmart supercenter trials of the solution around the Bentonville AR, area in 2015.
“After several months of working with suppliers on testing the wood grain RPC’s, their feedback is ensuring a smooth transition during the rollout. The Polymer Logistics wood grain RPC’s functionality is performing well through every point of the process, and the new look is bringing an immediate positive reaction from shoppers. We continue to work with major suppliers requesting wood grain RPCs in many categories, in addition to our commitment to supporting Walmart’s merchandising efforts while driving cost down and improvements throughout the supply chain,” stated Susie Cuevas, Account Manager – Walmart Account at Polymer Logistics.

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Fruit Logistica 2016, 3rd – 5th February

Polymer Logistics to present at Fruit Logistica 2016 the newest member of its Market Place products family: the Wood-Look Modular Display stand

Exhibiting its latest products and merchandising solutions for fresh produce retailers in Hall 21 / C-04

Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail-ready packaging (RRP) solutions, will exhibit its effective product solutions for fresh produce at; held between 3rd and 5th February 2016 in Berlin. Show’s attendees are encouraged to visit the company’s booth (Hall 21 / C-04) to discover more about Polymer Logistics’ latest product launch of its Wood-Look display stand and extension to its successful range of Market Place crates. Following pilots, customer satisfaction surveys and acceptance of the Market Place crates within international chains including Wal-Mart and Carrefour, Polymer Logistics has created its new display stand for retailers looking to develop an upscale fresh market-look across stores. The display stand is designed for all RPC types as well as cardboard.

Polymer Logistics joins over 2,700 exhibitors at the Messe Berlin grounds for the prominent event for the fruit and vegetable trade that has run there since 1993. Here, more than 65,000 visitors annually experience a wide-ranging display of the latest innovations, products and services in the international supply chain industry.

Among the new products that Polymer Logistics’ will introduce at its stand is its extended assortment of Market Place reusable plastics crates (RPCs), with five different size dimensions available. Having debuted at Fruit Logistica 2014, the Market Place crate has transformed fresh produce aisles with its market-fresh appearance. A new half-size 400×300 mm crate is now being launched, sharing the foldable, stackable and easily transportable characteristics that already define the range and significantly benefit retailers.

Also premiering at Fruit Logistica 2016 will be a new Wood-Look display stand, a modular system designed to support Polymer Logistics’ RPCs and create a unified store appearance. Food retailers will find that the new stand can be stacked specifically for store requirements and assembled straightforwardly for easy installation and relocation – with its “snap locks” design, no tools are needed for assembly and the option of interlocking clips mean that adjacent columns can be locked in place for stability. Its tilted plinth display creates easier reach to the back row of the crates for both stockers and customers, and the closed unit, preventing items falling down into the stand, reduces the need to dismantle it for cleaning. For food retailers that want to integrate the stand with the Market Place crates from Polymer Logistics to complement their displays, it has a compatibility with both the 600×400 mm and new half-size 400×300 mm RPCs. Furthermore, with the option of housing mixed crate sizes, the display stand is able to accommodate a combination of various crates from different suppliers as well as cardboard.

With its extended selection of Market Place products, Polymer Logistics offers visual merchandising solutions for food retailers. The distinctive “fresh from the field” appearance, in contrast to typical, industrial-look crates, is advantageous to the perception of a store. At a time when it is known that shrewd and savvy shoppers are driven by price, a differentiation in store displays can allow retailers to remain competitive. A switch towards a market fresh impression, without compromising on hygiene, cost and environmental impact, through Polymer’s Market Place range instils in the consumer a perception of fresh and local produce.

Additionally, with fresh produce often being located at the front of stores, a more appealing display would only drive foot traffic for an outlet, thereby benefiting the store and exponentially enhancing total sales. Visitors to Fruit Logistica 2016 will have the opportunity to see how the new combination of Polymer Logistics’ eye-catching products is able to transform both store appearance and operation.

For further information, please visit:

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Perception is everything


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Retail ‘giants’ select Market Place Crate

PL072The world’s largest retailer plus the leading supermarket chain in Europe both sign long-term agreements

Polymer Logistics, a Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) pooler and global leader in innovation, is pleased to announce that the world’s largest retailer as well as the largest chain in Europe have both chosen “Market Place®” wood-look crates for their supply chains.

85% of customers preferred wood-look crates
Both retailers have signed long-term agreements with Polymer Logistics. The decision was based on thorough studies, pilots and customer acceptance surveys.
During pilots, retailers reported a significant uplift of over 3% in produce sales when using the crates from Polymer. Customer surveys showed a clear preference of over 85% for the wood-look crates compared to the industrial plastic-looking green or black crates. Customers appreciated the fresh ‘back-to-nature’ look, which creates a traditional market feel in the store.

In today’s “first impression counts” environment there can be no doubt that where retailers deploy the Market Place® crate, an-uplift in sales will naturally follow.

Front of store drives increased sales
The produce department, typically located at the front of the supermarket, drives foot traffic for the overall outlet. So any improvement there has an exponential benefit on total store sales.

Retailers have introduced wooden plinths in the department to emphasise the freshness of produce offered. However when it comes to the actual packaging of produce, the use of coloured industrial-looking crates is commonplace. The result is a sterile-looking produce department. In essence, retailers are failing to present a market-fresh image to perceptive shoppers.

“If retailers truly want to offer their customers that market fresh look, then they need to find an alternative to the industrial looking plastic crate that is prevalent in every produce aisle”, commented Adrian Dale, Managing Director at Polymer Logistics UK.

The family of wood-look crates was introduced 13 months ago at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, followed by exhibits at both the United Fresh and Produce Marketing Association (PMA) trade shows in the US.

The wood-look crates are currently being piloted with more major retailers. Polymer Logistics is confident that that “Market Place®” crate will become standard around the world for three reasons:
• They look attractive and eye-catching on display
• They increase sales and improve quality perception of the produce sold
• They cost the same as plastic-look industrial crates

The new wood-look crates from Polymer Logistics can be used in exactly the same way as existing plastic-look crates. The cost of service is the same but it offers clear additional advantages.

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