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I don’t know about you but those long days of summer already seem like a distant memory as we start to settle down into the autumn season. Very soon the ‘winter’ products will start to appear on our TV screens or in any other media we view.

We will be bombarded with messages about preparing ourselves and our lives for those long winter months ahead. The product mix at our local stores will change in preparation.

There are a couple of places where the change becomes very apparent. As you walk into your local supermarket or drive onto your fuel station to fill up, just look at the product displayed front of house.

Soon there will be no escaping the winter car care products that start to appear. With the threat of icy windscreens and salt soaked roads, retailer’s will trundle out cans of de icer and windscreen wash.

However if you’re like me as someone whose involved in the area of free standing display units you will notice something else that’s very common. That is cardboard FSDU’s that struggle to cope with the weight of all the products that are crammed into them! The sight of cardboard FSDU’S collapsing under the weight of heavy screen wash containers can be all too familiar. What’s more in terms of buyer perception it can really damage your image whether you are the producer or the retailer.

There is also another problem that’s specific to fuel forecourts. Often ‘open’ to the elements the onslaught of wind and rain can wreak havoc with cardboard displays. Unprotected they turn to ‘mush’ as Mother Nature unleashes all the weather elements that are associated with winter.

However if you want to protect your image either at the ‘front of house’ or on the forecourt there is another way!

Having already been selected by leading car care brands and supermarkets alike, Polymer Logistics offers you an alternative!

As the name suggests we offer durable ‘made from’ Polymer alternatives that are guaranteed to cope with the elements and wont buckle under the weight of heavy product.

If you want to discover why you should talk to us now before the winter onslaught give our team or call or send us a message via this page.

Are cardboard FSDUs (Free Standing Display Units) really the best option?

Throughout history various methods have been used to transport and protect valuable products as they move through the supply chain. Frequently this has involved creating a transport media that the products are contained within or placed upon such as boxes or pallets.

Dependant on the length of the supply chain the decision as to whether the transport media is made from durable materials that can be re used or disposable materials have been based on the costs of return versus the costs of disposal.

In this in depth white paper we contrast and compare disposable freestanding display units with the re usable plastic “Crystal Clear Eco” system manufactured by Polymer.

This comparison will look at the full operating life cycle of each system specifically in terms of:


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Download the FSDU impact analysis whitepaper

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