New wood look re usable plastic crate from Polymer Logistics is set to transform produce aisles at Wal-Mart and Carrefour

Polymer Logistics, a Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) pooler and global leader in innovation, is pleased to announce that the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart as well as the largest chain in Europe Carrefour have both chosen Polymer’s wood-look crates for their supply chains. Both retailers have signed long-term agreements with Polymer Logistics. The decision was based on thorough studies, pilots and customer acceptance surveys.

PL072 During pilots, retailers reported a significant uplift of over 3% in produce sales when using the crates from Polymer. Customer surveys showed a clear preference of over 85% for the wood-look crates compared to the industrial plastic-looking green or black crates. Customers appreciated the fresh ‘back-to-nature’ look, which creates a traditional market feel in the store.

In today’s “first impression counts” environment there can be no doubt that where retailers deploy the wood look crate, an-uplift in sales will naturally follow.

The produce department, typically located at the front of the supermarket, drives foot traffic for the overall outlet. So any improvement there has an exponential benefit on total store sales. Retailers have introduced wooden plinths in the department to emphasise the freshness of produce offered. However when it comes to the actual packaging of produce, the use of coloured industrial-looking crates is commonplace. The result is a sterile-looking produce department. In essence, retailers are failing to present a market-fresh image to perceptive shoppers.

“If retailers truly want to offer their customers that market fresh look, then they need to find an alternative to the industrial looking plastic crate that is prevalent in every produce aisle”, commented Gideon Feiner, CEO at Polymer Logistics.

The family of wood-look crates was introduced 18 months ago at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, followed by exhibits at both the United Fresh and Produce Marketing Association (PMA) trade shows in the US.

The new wood-look crates from Polymer Logistics can be used in exactly the same way as existing plastic-look crates as they have the same footprint and reverse logistics. Offering a real benefit in terms of cost savings over traditional disposable material the wood look crates offer robust product protection thus ensuring that produce arrives in store undamaged. Foldable and stackable to maximise store and truck space the crates feature an active lock system for fast and easy erection and collapsing. Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable at the end of its useful life the crates are both lightweight for ease of handling and hygienic.

Further information on the wood look crates can be found at:

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What really is market fresh?

Assorted raw organic vegetables isolated on white
The concept of the field to fork philosophy is a common practice with many of the modern day suppliers of groceries to the general public. The fundamentals of this practice look at continuing the idea of fresh and wholesome products, that have the impression of freshly picked, dug up or packaged much like locally sourced items had back in the 1920s.

The idea of a milk man with the clink of bottles heard from yards away, the fish monger arriving on his push bike with a wicker basket full with plaice and ice. The butchers cart laden with all the cuts, from cheap to pricey, prime to offcuts, all delivered to your door, in unique vehicles designed with the care and love only a sole trader could have. The idea is that a product will at every stage still continue to be perceived as freshly picked, plucked, or de-podded, and maintain that perception through the use of packaging, delivery vehicles, and containers.

Although those days are long behind us, and with the customer now doing the majority of legwork, a recent resurgence in food delivery services has shown itself to be the next bastion in the supermarket wars.

Touching on the specific dedication that 1920s era grocers had towards the look and feel of their service, many of the current suppliers of retail ready FMCG, have carved out a detail design on every small aspect of branding throughout the retail chain. From Ads to trolleys, products to staff uniforms, all of these are designed for one purpose, to build a perception in the mind of the customer that this is a professional outfit who can be trusted. However, with ever expanding competition at the top, differentiation is now becoming key to cut through the noise.




As one major chain has adapted to one USP they wish to be known for, another has used another. Each top chain now has there own brand and that brand has its own idea of how it wishes to be perceived.
Yet, one of the last areas that has not employed the required philosophy, to stay ahead in this competitive game, is the final delivery perception.

The delivery is currently ordered buy the customer for a specific time, and essentially they invite the brand into their home to drop of the goods that they repeat purchase each week. You would expect this part of the journey to be well defined. A perfect example of how a brand can make the right impression by the equipment, attire, and appearance in which they interact with that customer could develop a loyal trusting customer to that modern day grosser.
Although the speed and levels of cost saving they wish to achieve somehow negates that, this is one aspect that could provide a way of cutting them far and above the competition.

With the smallest of changes to the overall end user experience, a large return on investment could be seen. Although the investment in ‘vintage’ looking, yet robust crates could increase the cost at base level, the creation and increase of brand image can result in a long standing partnership between customer and supplier.

Many of the customers who use the online shopping services, do so for the convenience of delivery, and with that comes the lack of need to step foot in the traditional supermarkets. This could provide a situation where the only exposure, out side of the well-scripted and designed adverts, they have is at the point of contact between delivery driver and user. This is where streamlining of the brand and philosophy of the company needs to show through. With the addition of a well-crafted delivery van, a well-structured uniform, and high quality containers, that are so prominent to the end user, a true understanding of the company’s ideals and image can be portrayed. Only then will the loyalty of the customer be tested in the supermarket wars.


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Need to reduce costs? Think Retail Ready Packaging

Profitable growth with eco-friendly innovations from Polymer Logistics


With an increasing number of FMCG manufacturers viewing packaging as an expensive investment, the packaging industry is under pressure to introduce solutions, which are able to deliver more for less. At the Packaging and Converting Executive Forum (PACE) in Brussels (10-12 February 2015) brand owners will have the chance to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their supply chains as well as to identify possible solutions. As a leading provider of retail ready packaging (RRP) solutions, Polymer Logistics will bring to the event a breadth of product innovations, which aim to drive cost out of customer’s supply chain and also to reduce the carbon impact for all stakeholders.

Innovation, profitable growth and environment

It is well documented that the recent economic climate has created a major shift in consumer demand. The need for retailer and supplier to work in collaboration to deliver real end to end supply chain solutions, has never been greater. With this in mind, selecting the best and most innovative packaging solutions is vital to remain competitive.

Under pinning its commitment to innovation, Polymer Logistics will present at PACE Europe its extensive range of solutions within the field of retail ready packaging (RRP). Working closely with manufacturers, suppliers and retailers has allowed the company to develop a portfolio of products, which are able to answer challenges and limitations across the complete retail supply chain. Compared to cardboard alternatives, Polymer Logistics’ RRP solutions offer better product protection which results in reduced product damage, transport efficiencies and greater weight loading capacity. RRP delivers true one touch replenishment with the ability to be cross-docked as DC as well as act as a Merchandising Unit rolled out onto the shop floor. As retail pack is touched less the risk of damage is reduced and the labour replenishment costs are reduced.

Although companies are striving for profit growth, they are also concerned about the environment and are aware of the fact that growth may have a negative impact on it. In line with a circular economy model, Polymer Logistics offers solutions which are able to reduce carbon footprint by a minimum of 50%. During its life a RRP unit completes many return trips, indisputably showing the environmental benefit.

“Most manufacturers use far too much packaging. This has a negative impact on the environment as well as on the profitable growth of their businesses. It is time to change that through innovation” states Adrian Dale, Managing Director at Polymer Logistics, UK “Events such as PACE Europe are a good opportunity to discuss how innovations can make those changes happen in the industry. We have already initiated this dialogue with one of the worlds leading FMCG manufacturers last year at a similar event, and hope to develop it further with many more at the PACE forum in Brussels”.

In the spotlight

Among the not-to-be-missed product innovations that Polymer Logistics will be showcasing at PACE Europe will be the Crystal Clear line. Manufactured from fully transparent material, these stackable and foldable crates are ideal for in-store promotions as their clean look offers complete product visibility and can be personalised.

Also on show will be a number of ‘one-touch’ solutions that combine two functions – transport and retail displays – in one eco-friendly product. These include the 1/4 Dolly and the 1/4 Pallet both offering simplicity in use, storage, and maintenance as well as optional components for various requirements for retail display.

The PACE Forum, will take place in Brussels, 10 – 12 February 2015.

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Send in the images of your fresh produce aisles and discover what your retail space would look like with our new Market Place crate!

describe the image

Following on from the successful launch of our new Market Place crate, which is designed for retail stores that want to give that market fresh impression, it has already undergone successful pilot trials with a market-leading retailer. The response we have seen from our customers has been amazing and in turn where it has been piloted, sales of fresh produce in store have risen.

Feedback from retailers has included “this is the greatest invention within the field of RPC of the last 20 years” and there can be no doubt that when retailers see for themselves they will see how this new crate can transform the look of fresh produce aisles and will be 100% convinced of the difference it can make.  In surveys that were completed during the pilot more than 86% of customers preferred the Market Place crate compared to the industrial RPC.

Already nominated for a number of major industry awards, the Market Place crate continues to make a big impression at exhibitions all over the world and will be showcased again at the United Fresh Show Chicago in June this year.

We are that confident in the crates’ ability to improve customer experience that we have issued a challenge to retailers worldwide.  In essence retailers are challenged to send in images of fresh produce aisles as they are now and in response, using digital technology, we will replicate how they could look using the new Market Place crate.

For customers who want to take up this challenge simply take your images and send into . We will be in touch with a representation of the future for customers’ fresh produce aisles.

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Market Place crate makes the shortlist for the ‘innovation of the year’ at the Fresh awards 2014!


Following the successful launch of the market place crate, the most recent innovation from Polymer Logistics is already making a huge impact. In recognition of this it has been nominated as finalist for a prestigious award within the fresh produce industry: the Freshawards 2014. Organized by (Fresh Produce Consortium), the UK’s fresh produce trade association, the award aims to reward those companies that have distinguished themselves within the industry, therefore being shortlisted for the “Innovation of the Year” category is a great honour for Polymer Logistics.

The philosophy behind the development of the Market Place crate, designed for retail stores that want to give that market fresh impression, is that the environment, atmosphere and ‘experience’ of a retail outlet can significantly influence a consumer’s purchasing behaviour. The ‘farm fresh’ or ‘market fresh’ perception is undoubtedly helping to drive sales and is high on today’s customer agenda when they shop for fresh produce.  This ‘fresh’ perception helps to portray the image of quality and contributes to retailer business issues such as increasing individual customer spend.

The winners will be announced on the 5th of June. Check out additional information about the award following the link below… in the meantime fingers crossed!

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Carbon, carbon, carbon – become a retail ready carbon foot print eco warrior

Let’s face it we hear the term carbon foot print all the time.  It’s almost one of those phrases that has become throw away.  It’s dropped into polite conversation and used on the news on regular occasions by many journalists who want to demonstrate their eco credentials and expertise.

We have changed our light bulbs for new environmentally friendly ones that in reality don’t illuminate the room enough and we switch our televisions off properly, and then complain about how long they take to start up!!

In the above we jest, but in todays society it’s important for individuals and organisations alike to be aware of the impact that their carbon footprint is having on our precious planet.  The effects that greenhouse gases are having on the world cannot be ignored and what’s more governments are taking action to ensure that emissions are reduced and controlled.

So let us ask you a question: As a professional involved in the field of retail ready packaging do you know the carbon footprint of your product choices?

You may ask yourself is it really important? However more and more retailers are publishing carbon footprint figures in annual reports. They are recognising the positive impact it can have on business when they are seen to take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

Here at Polymer Logistics we have recognised that customers do actually want to know the effect that RRP has on their business. However it can be difficult to calculate.  That’s why we have invested in the invention of a straightforward carbon calculator that will tell you exactly what you need to know.  What’s more we have a range of products and services that can help you take that vital step in reducing your carbon footprint.


Simply fill in your details and we will walk you through the process.  Before you know it you will become an eco warrior of the retail world.

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New Market Place crate from Polymer Logistics is set to transform fresh produce aisles

describe the image

Under pinning its commitment to innovation within the field of retail ready packaging Polymer Logistics has launched the world’s first Market Place crate. Perfect for stores who want to give that market fresh impression, the new wood effect crate is set to revolutionise the look and feel of fresh produce aisles nationwide.

As more and more retailers are either starting to or are actually upgrading their stores, one area that has been of particular focus has been the fresh produce aisle. Retailers are recognising the fact that the perception of fresh and local can lead to increased sales. Therefore store design and layout has been adapted to reflect this.  However whilst there can be no doubt that improvements have been made, the actual crates that hold and display the produce are still look very generic and sterile.

The new Market Place crate from Polymer presents the opportunity for retailers to switch away from non-descript plastic crates and to actually influence buyer perception in terms of the market feel. What’s more for retailers who are actually using real wooden crates the new solution from PL is more sustainable and offers a significant advantage in terms of hygiene. Having made its debut at Fruit Logistica 2014 in Berlin, the new Market Place crate offers robust product protection during transportation and is both foldable and stackable to maximise truck and store space.  The crates use the active lock system that enables store colleagues to fold away the crates efficiently using the ergonomic system.

“If retailers truly want to offer their customers that market fresh look then they need to find an alternative to the generic plastic crate that is prevalent in every retail produce aisle,” stated Adrian Dale, Managing Director Polymer Logistics UK.  “Here at Polymer we believe that this represents a major breakthrough in terms of store enhancements and are confident that if retailers invest in the Market Place crate they will see a major uplift in sales”.
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