Polymer Logistics Delivers first wood grain RPC shipments into Walmart

RIVERSIDE, CA January 28, 2016: Three leading produce companies, Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., Pure Hothouse Foods, Inc. and Calavo Growers, Inc., shipped the first truckloads of product in new wood grain reusable plastic containers (RPCs) from Polymer Logistics to Walmart distribution centers this month. Classic Yam is also supporting the initiative by being the first sweet potato grower to ship in wood grain containers. The first product in the new RPCs is expected to arrive at Walmart stores this week.
“Polymer Logistics is the first packaging manufacturer to roll out the wood grain RPCs in the US, helping growers deliver on their fresh promise to Walmart and its shoppers by providing everything needed to transport fruits and vegetables from the field to the store in the best possible condition. With the arrival of the new RPCs at Walmart stores, we expect a significant sales lift as shoppers feel like they are at a country produce stand and buy more,” said Tony Mosco, North American Vice President of Sales at Polymer Logistics.

Robert Silveira, Owner & David Silveira, Son, Classic Yam, Inc

The wood grain RPC is a Polymer Logistics innovation that brings an upscale look to stores compared with traditional industrial-style containers. The ongoing deployment of these RPCs will provide a uniform merchandising look at the store level and has been a core focus for Polymer since the early Walmart supercenter trials of the solution around the Bentonville AR, area in 2015.
“After several months of working with suppliers on testing the wood grain RPC’s, their feedback is ensuring a smooth transition during the rollout. The Polymer Logistics wood grain RPC’s functionality is performing well through every point of the process, and the new look is bringing an immediate positive reaction from shoppers. We continue to work with major suppliers requesting wood grain RPCs in many categories, in addition to our commitment to supporting Walmart’s merchandising efforts while driving cost down and improvements throughout the supply chain,” stated Susie Cuevas, Account Manager – Walmart Account at Polymer Logistics.

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