Are cardboard FSDUs (Free Standing Display Units) really the best option?

Throughout history various methods have been used to transport and protect valuable products as they move through the supply chain. Frequently this has involved creating a transport media that the products are contained within or placed upon such as boxes or pallets.

Dependant on the length of the supply chain the decision as to whether the transport media is made from durable materials that can be re used or disposable materials have been based on the costs of return versus the costs of disposal.

In this in depth white paper we contrast and compare disposable freestanding display units with the re usable plastic “Crystal Clear Eco” system manufactured by Polymer.

This comparison will look at the full operating life cycle of each system specifically in terms of:


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Download the FSDU impact analysis whitepaper

Focus on the whole supply chain to reduce costs in retail ready packaging

No matter how you access the news nowadays, there’s one topic that’s forever hitting the headlines – family living costs and how they’re under mounting pressure. If we’re not being told about rising energy costs, then it’s increasing food bills or fuel prices, followed by ways in which we can combat the squeeze on our family finances.

Similarly, costs in the workplace are increasingly under the spotlight too. In order for businesses to maintain profitability and a competitive edge there has to be a focus on cost control. There are obvious ways to do this but are companies ‘missing a trick’ across more discrete areas?

Here at Polymer Logistics we are working withm customers everyday across the retail-ready packaging sector, helping them achieve their cost-control objectives.

The download at the bottom of this post goes into more detail on what our customers are telling us about costs and how we have worked with others to reduce them.

In the report we briefly look at:

  • The influences on customers’ drive to reduce costs
  • Reducing waste packaging
  • Product protection
  • Polymer iLogistics

In reality it’s only the tip of the iceberg, so we’d encourage you to download the report, give us a call and see how we can start helping you to reduce your costs.

Downlaod the reducing cost in RRP report

You may not be able to control every aspect of the environment to your liking?


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